Spiritual conversations for the godless

Less alone. More alive.

Heathen is solid ground for folks walking away from bad religion.

Apostasy can be hard, especially if you spent your formative years in church. Many of us have parted ways with the creeds and communities that raised us, but it isn’t always easy to make a clean break. There’s a lot at stake. Friendships. Family ties. A sense of belonging. Our psychological, emotional, and - yes - spiritual well-being.

You have your reasons for defecting. You left the church - or maybe it left you. That story matters. And it’s what Heathen is all about.

This is a podcast about how we move on from bad religion. We introduce you to a new guest with every episode—fellow godless heathens and heretics, believers in recovery, doubters doing their best. We dig into our experiences with apostasy or spiritual deconstruction, and we talk about the ways we’ve found to care for our mind, body, and spirit in the aftermath of breaking up with bad religion—the practices that are guiding us toward wholeness, happiness, and health.

If you’re looking for solid ground after walking away from bad religion, welcome, friend. That’s what we’re about. Here’s to the heathens.