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Apostasy can be hard, especially if you spent your formative years in church. A lot of us have parted ways with the creeds and communities that raised us, but it isn’t always easy to make a clean break. There’s a lot at stake. Friendships. Family ties. A sense of belonging. Our psychological, emotional, and - yes - spiritual well-being.

You have your reasons for defecting. You left the church - or maybe it left you. That story matters. And it’s what HEATHEN is all about.

This is a podcast for folks who need to talk about the faiths we abandoned, but can't seem to fully shake. Who have walked away from church, but want community. Who reject the dogma, but are open to meaning and hope. Who may or may not believe in a god, but feel it’s still worth asking the question. 

We’ll be hanging out with some great people. Fellow heathens. Spiritual optimists. Believers in recovery. Doubters doing their best.

HEATHEN is a bi-weekly podcast in two parts. I’ll open each episode with a brief story from my life as an exceedingly earnest person trying to find a place in American Christianity - and never quite getting there. Then, a different guest each week will join me to commiserate over damage done, consider what it means to have a soul, and reflect on whether there is anything we can still claim as resonant, true, or helpful in our faith stories.

I’m glad you’re here. Let’s do some godforsaken good.

Here’s to the heathens.



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