036| Tess Meissner: A Shamanic Drum Journey to Meet Your Power Animal

It's time to slide down another slippery slope here at Heathen. Meet Tess Meissner, certified clinical hypnotherapist and shamanic practitioner. Settle in for an enlightening conversation about how Tess helps people heal through ancient shamanic practices, breaking trances, and reconnecting with our own bodies and souls.

In this super-sized episode, Tess takes us—and you!—on a shamanic drum journey to retrieve, or meet, our power animal. We've never encountered anything quite like this trance practice that put each of us in touch with an animal we didn't expect to meet in "the lower world." You will be able to experience undergo this power animal retrieval journey yourself as you listen to today's episode. Slide down the slope with us... we're discovering some fantastic places.

Tess's practice: infinitetruthhealing.com

Unearthed Retreat (September 21-23, 2018)

Matthew Blake