017| Slippery Slopes: Tarot

Slippery Slopes is a new series we are bringing to Heathen! Remember all the things from your religious upbringing that were taboo? PG-13 or R-rated films, dancing, anything "spiritual" that wasn't directly tied to Jesus? And of course, as we grew, so did the list: anything sexual, all drugs, how much of your body is displayed, types of events you can and can't go to, who you befriend. Making rules and policing adherents is serious Christian work. So many of us who are taking steps away from religion that restricts, oppresses, and shames are finding ourselves woefully unprepared and awkward when we try to engage in real-world stuff that, for a lot of people, is commonplace. For us, though, there are residual feelings of danger, fear, guilt, or worse when it comes to experiencing more of what life has to offer.

If you're interested in pushing boundaries, exploring formerly taboo topics, and—hopefully—normalizing some stuff that may not be inherently bad, but that you are accustomed to avoiding because God/Pastor/Parent said no, Slippery Slopes is here for you. We're kicking it off with a Tarot reading by season 1 Heathen guest Micah Turner. Come with us as we learn a little bit about—and then experience—this centuries-old practice of divination. The cards have some fascinating things to share...

Learn more about Micah Turner's wellness practices in San Diego at healingspacesandiego.com.

Matthew Blake